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  •        My family has been in the clock repair business for three generations.
     I have 26 years of full time experience repairing and restoring cuckoo clocks.....the RIGHT way.
I do not tinker or guess what to do.. I only do professional high quality work.
I  rebuild the music boxes in musical cuckoo clocks.


   We repair both modern and antique cuckoo clocks

We repair all modern cuckoos manufactured by:
  • Hubert Herr ,
  • Schatz ,  
  • Schmeckenbecker 
  • Hones 
  • Schneider 
  • Dold
  • Heco 
  • Regula
  • AND  all others manufactured in the Black Forest of Germany.


 We specialize in  through the mail  repairs and we encourage you to send us your clock for repair
We  return them to you safely and insured.
If you have been told that your clock cannot be repaired  or is not worth repairing  we  invite you to contact us

The Cuckoo Clock Experts


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